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ANC's Oscar Mabuyane promises better economic prospects


Eastern Cape ANC provincial chairman Oscar Mabuyane has promised voters that if the ruling party wins the elections it is going to change the economic outlook of the province.

Mabuyane was speaking to TimesLive after casting his vote at his former school Zilimbola junior secondary school in Deberha village at Engcobo, about 85km from Mthatha, on Wednesday.

Eastern Cape ANC provincial chairman Oscar Mabuyane places his ballot in the box Image: THULI DLAMINI

The province's most powerful politician was very optimistic about a decisive victory for the ANC after Wednesday’s poll.

“We're hoping for a very solid victory for the ANC. The ANC must get a majority and we will be comfortable with the majority for the ANC so that the ANC must continue to rule, continue to govern our country, implementing its policies and manifesto without any coalition.”

Mabuyane said one of the priorities for the ANC would be to grow the economy by creating job opportunities for the people and dealing with the issue of corruption.

“We're definitely going to turn around the economic outlook of our province,” he said emphatically.

“We're promising our voters the implementation of the ANC manifesto. We want our people to have a belief and trust in the ANC and the ANC must also be able to help our people by getting competent leadership that must be able to effectively deliver on the manifesto.”

Mabuyane said the ANC manifest addresses all the challenges people are complaining about.

“It's quite comprehensive, it's thorough; it just needs policies that must be developed to further the work that the government has been doing since 1994.”

He also believes that although the ANC government has done relatively well, it must deal with the issue of corruption “so we'll be able to make our country better and take it to another level”.

Asked what ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa's new dawn means to him, Mabuyane said:

“When we talk about this new dawn, when we talk about this new transition of power from the white minority regime to the black majority, we're basically talking about the social and political power as well as economical power. We should be fairly comfortable in South Africa now with the socio-economic power. But we've got economic challenges.

“That's why we have taken a decision in our last national conference on radical socio-economic transformation.”

His priorities will be rural development, developing people through education that will equip them with the necessary skills to develop themselves, quality healthcare across the country and in particular in the Eastern Cape, as well as creating decent jobs for the people.

“So we definitely need to get our people, especially young people, job opportunities, so that they can grow and develop themselves and grow our economy," said Mabuyane.​



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