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RSPH- Adjudicated Top Empowered Company in the Business Advisory Sector


Established 19 years ago at the request of Cyril Ramaphosa, Impumelelo was the first directory of top black-owned and -managed companies in South Africa. Since then, the Top Empowerment brand has grown into one of the country’s most well-respected transformation platforms. Recognising the major advancements made by the commitment to boosting black businesses and business people, Top Empowerment promotes these captains of industry.

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (RSPH) has qualified as one of South Africa’s Top Empowered Companies in Corporate and Government as a Level 1 B-BBEE Company in the Business Advisory sector. After months of rigorous research and benchmarking, the team of researchers at Impumelelo has determined RSPH met the criteria required to be considered one of the best companies in our respective sector.

The criteria considered when determining if an organisation is a top empowered company are Empowerment Credentials and Triple Bottom Line. Organisations are assessed on the five pillars of empowerment as set out by the Department of Trade and Industry.

The purpose of RSPH’s existence is to empower companies in the manufacturing, Mining, utilities, Oil & Gas industries to become world-class competitors. By upskilling both management and staff on the factory floor, these players can compete internationally, grow and create jobs, thereby boosting the economy.

These are the only sectors with a ten times downstream multiplier effect, but growth is only sustainable if the business is transformed completely – in terms of B-BBEE compliance in its genuine form, as well as from an operational perspective.

“To be included in the Top 500 Companies list is a massive achievement and this recognition is truly an honour,” said Dilley Naidoo, Business Development Director of RSPH.

“This year marks a quarter of a century into South Africa's legacy as a democratic country. As the torchbearers of Madiba's vision for an equal and just society, it is our responsibility to continue to uplift the nation through transformation and empowerment into the next 25 years and beyond.” – Richard Fletcher, Topco CEO.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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