Labour department wants salary gap information from companies


The Department of Employment and Labour wants employers to provide information on salary differentials between their top earners and lowest paid workers to help it work towards reducing renumeration gaps, a senior official told a workshop in Kimberly.

The department is conducting roadshows across the country with the theme “real transformation makes business sense”, whose objective is to create awareness on compliance with the Employment Equity Act.

The labour department wants to use information from companies to establish norms and benchmarks to reduce the remuneration gap between the highest paid and lowest paid employees, its deputy director Masilo Lefika told the Kimberly meeting.

“In the previous years we were speaking about equal pay for work of equal value and now is the time for implementation and reporting,” he said.

The workshop discussed the International Labour Organization convention on eliminating violence and harassment in the work place, while the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration gave a presentation on cases of violence, harassment and dispute resolutions.

The workshops are aimed at employers or heads of organisations, academics, assigned senior managers, consultative forum members, human resource practitioners, trade unions representatives and employees.

The next ones will be held in Rustenburg on Wednesday and Witbank on Thursday.


LINK : https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/labour-department-wants-salary-gap-information-from-companies-2019-08-21/rep_id:4136

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