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Mabuyane charges public servants to champion developmental state


Mthatha - Eastern Cape Premier, Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane, while speaking at an EXCO Outreach Public Servants Session held in the OR Tambo District on Thursday, charged public officials to help build a developmental state.

"We meet here on the 12th day of Heritage Month which is a month that is dedicated to celebrate who we are, our culture and heritage," said the Premier.

"Sadly, we celebrate this month at a time when our nation is in distress, following a spate of violent attacks on women and children and incidents of violence in Gauteng that have shamed our nation in the eyes of fellow Africans.

"Both of these incidents have unfortunately been perpertuated by men in our country, people who should be the defenders of our Constitutional democracy which is premised on the ideal that we are a country that protects and promote the rights of women and children and other fellow Africans who live amongst us.

"I want usmen to do serious introspection and ascertain whether we want to build a heritage legacy of being known as women abusers, rapists and murders. Andiqondi kodwa ukuba lilifa esifuna ulishiyela onyana bethu eli saziwa ngalo xa kunamhlanje. Namanyange ezwe lethu ndiqinisekile akhwanqisekile yindlela esiziphethe ngayo. Masikhuzaneni bantakwethu."

Mabuyane said that two months ago, the Province tabled the 2019 State of the Province Address to the people of the province where he outlined his government's 5 year plan to build the Eastern Cape we want.

The plan has seven priorities which are:

  • ? Economic transformation and job creation

  • ? Education, skills and health

  • ? Consolidating the social wage through reliable and quality basic services

  • ? Spatial integration, human settlements and local government and

  • ? Social cohesion and safe communities

  • ? A better Africa and a better world

  • ? A capable, ethical and developmental state

"All of these priorities have to be driven by the Human Capital of our province, our public servants, thus one of our priorities is dedicatedspecifically to you that of building a capable, ethical and developmental state.

"Our outreach here in the OR Tambo District Municipality, is aimed at getting the district ready for the implementation of the new integrated service delivery approach to development which will be launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the 17th of September in Lusikisiki," the Premier said.

"As critical stakeholders, we thought it prudent that we meet you first as public servants who must fully understand the new integrated service delivery approach to development because you will have to use it daily to plan and implement government programmes and projects.

"It is a known fact that one of the impediments that have delayed the pace of development in our communities has been the silo mentality of planning and implementing government programmes. Districts such as OR Tambo have suffered immensely from this anomaly which has affected our ability to develop infrastructure, provision of basic services and unlocking the economic potential of this District for the benefit of our people."

He added that through the new integrated service delivery approach to development, government wants to speed implementation of development through infrastructure investment, economic programs like the Wild Coast SEZ, ongoing investment into agriculture, roads construction and upgrade, tourism and aquaculture to benefit local communities.

" This requires us to integrate planning, resourcing and implementation of government programs by bringing national, provincial and local government together to build the communities we want," Mabuyane said

"This approach will be more practical, achievable, implementable, measurable and clearly aligned to the key priorities of national government which are guided by the National Development Plan.

"This model means the District IDPs will inform programmes of national departments and provincial departments that must be implemented in a District. We are now going to do a bottom up approach for the planning and implementation of government programmes."

Addressing development in the Eastern Cape

"Colleagues, our province has been lagging behind in development. This has made us vulnerable to escalating costs of infrastructure development and saw what can be termed investment strike by national state owned enterprises in the province.

"We also know the effects of disintegrated rollout of government on the public purse, which has led to non-completion infrastructure and socio-economic projects in some of our Districts," Mabuyane.

"Through this new integrated service delivery approach to development, we will make sure that we work together with national and local government to bring to fruition resourced longstanding infrastructure projects. Infrastructure development is a catalyst to our vision of building the Eastern Cape We Want.

"Your District, which is named after our internationalist the late Oliver Reginald Tambo is the Chosen One nationally as a test case for this integrated model. The entire South African government system will be fixing eyes squarely on this District and our Province to get this model right and off the ground so that it can be duplicated in other Districts across the country.

"When it works as I believe it will, this model will help us to close the chapter of complaints about lack of development and services like water, roads, electricity, and healthcare and provision of quality education."

The Premier said that his government wants public servants in the District of OR Tambo to embrace this model as it will assist in quickly addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequalities.

"Here in this District we have an unemployment challenge of 35% and a poverty prevalence of 74.48%. The new model for integrated planning is a radical approach that we require at this moment to reduce both unemployment and poverty levels in this District and in our province," he described.

"We want to move away the overdependence on community services for employment in this District which is at 37%, towards more employment in the private sector particularly in agriculture, manufacturing, electricity, construction and tourism sectors.

"The success of this model relies on you as public servants and the 320 000 households in this District, particularly the poor households, depend on you to make this model work so that they can access better and quality government services."


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