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AgriSeta, Citrus Growers Association, RCL Foods partner on skills development


The Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority (AgriSeta) has partnered with the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) and RCL Foods on various matters including land reform, rural development and economic transformation in the agricultural economy through skills development.

“The signing of the agreement marks the beginning of meaningful partnerships in transforming the agricultural sector in developing high-level skills that offer great opportunities for our youth and the country as a whole,” says AgriSeta CEO Zenzele Myeza.

The agreement with RCL Foods, a consumer goods and milling company that employs about 20 000 people, serves to boost the sugar industry’s initiatives in establishing sustainable cane growers and supporting independent commercial black smallholder and land reform beneficiaries in the sugar cane sector.

RCL Foods has committed R5-million to the programme.

The partnership with CGA is valued at R307-million and will involve training, skills development and capacity building support for establishing sustainable black export citrus growers into independent commercial black citrus growers.

Earlier this year, AgriSeta also signed a partnership agreement with the Unemployment Insurance Fund, which will contribute R21-million to skills development for those who are unemployed and to allow them to enter the job market.

The Department of Public Works will contribute R66-million to the programme, which will be used to develop at least 400 artisans.

“The partnership agreements serve to direct our strategic approach in leveraging funds to have a greater impact on society and the country as a whole,” says AgriSeta chairperson Christo van der Rheede.


LINK : http://m.engineeringnews.co.za/article/agriseta-citrus-growers-association-rcl-foods-partner-on-skills-development-2019-10-07

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