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Companies join forces to improve employability of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa


DURBAN - Youth unemployment affects millions around the world, as such, contributes to increasing global poverty.

To address this challenge, various researches highlighted a need for sustainable collaborative efforts particularly around public-private partnerships.

It is against this background that today Nestlé, ABB, Nielsen, Adcorp, Life Healthcare and Publicis launched the Regional Alliance for Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa in Johannesburg as part of a long-term commitment in improving employability of youth in the region.

Alliance partners are like-minded organisations focused on the achieving key goals which are, helping young people navigate the rapidly changing work environment and combining efforts and resources to create a more meaningful impact.

The alliance will focus on creating and implementing employability programmes, mentorship and training initiatives designed to equip young people with essential workplace skills. Companies across the region, irrespective of size, operation or turnover; are therefore urged to join the Alliance.

"Youth employability remains one of the critical challenges facing us as a region. It is a societal challenge that requires a societal response. We believe that communities cannot thrive if they fail to offer a future for younger generations. That is why we are determined to help young people develop their skills so that they can find jobs or even create their own businesses," said Bruno Olierhoek, Chairman and Managing Director for Nestlé East and Southern Africa.

He added, "We have joined forces as different organisations who share the same vision when it comes to addressing this challenge. This is just the beginning. We are therefore making a clarion call to other organisations to come on board in making a positive difference".

"As we continue to seek solutions to our unemployment crisis, the Adcorp Group facilitates access to bursaries, learnerships, apprenticeships and internships which not only help young South Africans develop the skills the need for entry-level employment but also allows us to establish a talent pipeline for entry-level positions," Adcorp’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Cheryl-Jane Kujenga.

Youth employment was also one of the key points of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's Medium Term Budget Policy Speech which was delivered last week.

In his address Mboweni said that the President is driving critical employment initiative.

Mboweni said, "We have supported the Youth Employment Service known as YES! through expanding the employment tax incentive. We look forward to the YES! Board bringing forward new innovative ideas".



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