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Let's redress imbalances of past based on poverty - not race, Steenhuisen argues


Interim DA leader John Steenhuisen says using race as a proxy for disadvantage has failed ordinary black South Africans.

Steenhuisen argues that race-based quotas have empowered a small group of politically-connected people while excluding the majority of South Africans in need.

Today with Kieno Kammies

The DA is poised to reject race-based quotas at its policy conference in April.

Steenhuisen says policies should focus on a means test, using poverty as a threshold, instead of race.

He claims that government interventions such as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) have been tainted by corruption over the last 25 years, leaving black households are 10% poorer than before.

Black households are 10% poorer now than they were before.

John Steenhuisen, DA leader

There's been nothing broad-based or economically empowering by just simply layering over race-based policies.

John Steenhuisen, DA leader

There's absolutely no reason for us to use race as a proxy. It will cut out that corruption coefficient that as empowered a small group of people when the majority remains locked out.

John Steenhuisen, DA leader

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LINK : https://omny.fm/shows/the-kieno-kammies-show/is-the-da-abandoning-race-based-redress-policy


LINK : http://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/373922/let-s-redress-imbalances-of-past-based-on-poverty-not-race-steenhuisen-argues

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