KZN waste recycling NPO helps create jobs


The aim is to provide a million youth with first time work experience in multiple business sectors and skills.

A LOCAL recycling business is on a mission to train youth and help them find jobs.

In 2018, President, Cyril Ramaphosa sponsored a revolutionary initiative to improve much needed job creation among young people in South Africa.

The programme was called ‘YES’ which stands for Youth Employment Services.

Its main thrust is to provide a million youth with first time work experience in multiple business sectors and skills.

Use-It in collaboration with Nedbank, Wildlands Conservation and Heart Eco took on 29 trainee candidates in 2019.

They were able to utilise the Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Site to host them in developing their woodworking, crafting, landscaping and administration skills for the duration of the programme.

This project is called ‘Ulusha Labadidyeli’ which means, youth inventors and makers. Incubator rooms were subdivided to provide separate training topics.

The trainees (all locally sourced from the Hammarsdale Mpumalanga township wards) underwent 12 months of intensive skills training and are set to finish the programme this March.

“We will at that time have had a 48 per cent successful placement of these delegates into full time employment. The YES programme only requires 2,5 per cent placement criteria,” said Use-It recycling chairman, Quade Corder.

“Six will be retained on our site in a full-time capacity in safety, health, security, property and landscaping. Two trainees will open their own business enterprises in their township. Six will take up full time jobs on site with a new tenant processing tailing for metals,” explained Corder.

Corder said they are actively looking to place the final 15 candidates within the community.

“For March 2020 we will be taking on 43 new trainees for comparable type training.

“Currently our biggest challenge remains in creating opportunities for job continuation between all YES training institutions and small and medium business enterprises in South Africa.

Accreditation and formal recognition of prior learning or skills development resulting from YES programmes still need refinement to provide a stronger ‘pull through’ learning experience and improved job opportunities.

For more information, email info@use-it.co.za, or refer to www.use-it.co.za


LINK : https://highwaymail.co.za/376319/waste-recycling-npo-helps-create-jobs/

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