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OPINION / LETTERS: LETTER: BEE makes no sense for a one-person practice


Impossible criteria are hurting the people who empowerment was intended to assist

I am a neuropsychologist doing work mainly for the Road Accident Fund (RAF). I was receiving up to 30 referrals a month for assessment. This has now dropped to two per month. Upon inquiry I was informed that this was because I was not BEE certified.

How do I become certified if I am a one-man practice? BEE certification is only for organisations with a turnover of more than R10m. My turnover is R2m. So I cannot apply, yet the criteria are being applied.

The fact that I have had to retrench two black staff members is apparently not relevant. Where to now? BEE is hurting the very people it was intended to assist.

Hennie Palm


LINK : https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/opinion/letters/2020-06-29-letter-bee-makes-no-sense-for-a-one-person-practice/

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