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Samsung SA prioritises support for ICT entrepreneurs

IT WEB / 17 JULY 2020 - 17.57 / STAFF REPORTER

Samsung SA has unveiled ICT-driven initiatives aimed at empowering previously disadvantaged South Africans, with a focus on women and youth in the sector.

This forms part of the company’s Equity Equivalent Investment Programme (EEIP) that was unveiled last year, which is valued at R280 million over a 10-year period.

The EEIP is a Department of Trade, Industry and Competition initiative, whereby multinational companies are invited to participate and contribute positively towards B-BBEE and development in SA. The programme is aligned with the objectives of the National Development Plan 2030, which focuses on the elimination of poverty through job creation and entrepreneurship.

For its EEIP strategy, Samsung SA has committed to provide opportunities for black industrialists in the e-waste sector,support of black-owned and women-owned businesses, enterprise development, and the development of township economies through establishing accredited services centres.

In a statement, the electronics giant says it aims to find and support, through grant funding, high-potential entrepreneurs to grow their business sustainably.

In addition, a focus on establishing black businesses in the heart of townships has been prioritised.

“As a global leader in mobile and consumer electronics, our extensive experience and deep technical skills can be leveraged to empower South Africans to harness the power of technology to be leaders of the fourth industrial revolution,” says Hlubi Shivanda, director for business innovation group and corporate affairs at Samsung SA.

“Samsung is firmly committed to growing South Africa through socio-economic change and welcomes the submissions of those who want the opportunity to create a more inclusive and prosperous society.”

As part of this year’s EEIP initiatives, the company is focusing on specific priority areas in the ICT sector, namely accredited service centres, marketing, advertising and communication.

According to Samsung, the service centre initiative aims to bring skilled black engineers to townships and peri-urban areas with sufficient retail footprint to tackle the repair of mobile devices and consumer electronics that are subjected to rapid technological advancement and changing consumer needs.

Samsung will provide two selected entrepreneurs grant-funding to support operations, specialist business development support and access to its service repair network.

The company says the enterprise development programme will contribute to transformation in the marketing and advertising industry, contributing to job creation through entrepreneurship. It plans to provide support to two successful entrepreneurs in the form of grant-funding and access to supply chain opportunities to grow the business.

Finally, the Samsung SA EEIP is also searching for a talented black software development business with potential that can help overcome the challenges faced in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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