'BEE defers investment': DA wraps policy conference with 'means test' mooted for red

NEWS24 / 07 SEPTEMBER 2020 - 07.11 / TSHIDI MADIA

'BEE defers investment': DA wraps policy conference with 'means test' mooted for redress

The story: The DA has adopted its economic justice policy, a move some have hailed as a necessary journey towards creating its own narrative on some of South Africa's issues, instead of adopting what has already been set out by the ANC government.

What was said: DA interim federal chairperson Ivan Meyer on Sunday after the two-day event said the policy was based on the recognition that South Africa was fundamentally an economically unjust society, where opportunities were not available to all, and where poverty further limited many others.

The details: Meyer said the DA's policy offered an alternative analysis of the challenge, which didn't see white monopoly capital as the obstacle to economic exclusion, but instead several socio-economic and governance challenges.

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