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Issue 11 of 2021 | BEE Chamber members newsletter brought to you by TFM Magazine

It has been a year since TFM Magazine expanded its communication platform to include a weekly newsletter to BEE Chamber members. The weekly communique has issued more than 150 quick-read articles since its launch. We are pleased to confirm that members are using it as a practical tool to implement their B-BBEE Strategy. Shortly, the TFM Magazine platform will extend to incorporate ‘Talking Transformation’, a webinar series that will coincide with the launch of each issue of TFM Magazine.

The platform, held every quarter, will be an informal discussion with industry thought leaders and will include an interactive open floor discussion with delegates regarding core content within TFM Magazine. There is an open invitation for members to attend the ‘Talking Transformation’ platform.

Members are welcome to email stella@bee.co.za for further information or to book for the event before registrations open.

As a practical tool, this communique provides BEE Chamber members with critical information to drive and accurately calculate their B-BBEE scorecard and manage the risk of Fronting Practice**.

The focus of this week's topics is on

  • Procuring from a ‘Start-up’ Enterprise;

  • Salary recognition for bursaries;

  • Construction Sector Code | B-BBEE Certificate vs Affidavit; and

  • An article of Transforming Interest | The Skills Development Scorecard Evolves


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