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🚩B3 E2 | The B-BBEE carrot vs the stick approach


Issue 26 of 2020 | BEE Chamber members newsletter brought to you by TFM Magazine

Although it is peripheral legislation, the Employment Equity Act takes the stick approach to compliance. At the same time, B-BBEE uses the carrot approach aligned with the B-BBEE Act to encourage organisations to Transform.

Therefore, by their design, each element of the Codes has a built-in mechanism to promote transformation by allocating targets and then awarding performance-related Weighting Points which culminate in B-BBEE credentials that may present a competitive offering.    This communique supports organisations in reaching sustainable B-BBEE milestones and driving economic inclusion by addressing legislation and interpretation topics that are critical to an organisation's overall scorecard.

The focus of this week's topics is on:

  • Will there be a Scorecard impact after lockdown?

  • What are the implications when a ‘YES’ Employee drops out of a programme?

  • Claiming training costs; and

  • An article of Transforming Interest | The Defence Sector Code.

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