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B3 E2 | The cycle of transformation


Issue 20 of 2021 | BEE Chamber members newsletter brought to you by TFM Magazine

A B-BBEE Verification is the culmination of a unique set of skills, a year’s worth of planning, implementation and monitoring. However, it does not conclude the B-BBEE process as, once evidence passes through to an organisation’s B-BBEE Rating Agency, the cycle starts again.

It is therefore vital that organisations have resourceful B-BBEE Consultants and a competent B-BBEE Rating Agency as a support mechanism. “The ethos of the BEE Chamber is to instil the necessary skills so that a team driving a B-BBEE Strategy can competently work alongside their chosen B-BBEE suppliers and maintain control.” Andrew Bizzell, CEO, BEE Chamber.

As a practical tool, this communique provides BEE Chamber members with critical information to drive and accurately calculate their B-BBEE scorecard and manage the risk of Fronting Practice **.

Please register here to attend the monthly BEE Chamber TFM Webinar series on the first Tuesday of each month between 09H00 and 11H00. This interactive and informative session reviews the application of technical articles covered in the newsletters over the last month.

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The focus of this week's topics is on

* Claiming Skills Development expenditure;

* Considerations when collating a B-BBEE Verification File;

* A sample of evidence; and

* An article of Transforming Interest | The R47-03 Intends to instil confidence in the B-BBEE Verification process


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