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BEE Training Academy

BEE CHAMBER / 04 MAY 2021 - 05.01 / STAFF WRITER

BEE Training Academy

Join the leading Transformational learning Hub in South Africa. BEESA offers FREE Information Sessions

through to NQF Level 5 Acredited BEE Training and Learnerships.

Why the BEE Academy

Lifting your business game in a diverse market such as South Africa requires an educated and smarter approach. B-BBEE can be a powerful business tool if understood and used correctly. Our BEE Academy is specifically segmented into four categories to tailor BEE Training to empower people to make a meaningful difference in their own business.

Info Sessions

BEESA Business Services has always offered FREE information training sessions around the subject of B-BBEE. The biggest stumbling block to companies is the lack of understanding around the purpose, rules and guiding principles behind B-BBEE. We believe in helping businesses to build a sound foundation in their Transformation Journey through easy to access, no cost information and BEE Training. Find out when the next Info Sessions are being held

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