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Beware of fake or invalid B-BBEE Credentials

When an organisation presents its B-BBEE Certificate to its clients, the organisation receiving it must have peace of mind that it is authentic. Accepting an invalid/fake

B-BBEE Certificate as part of an organisation's Supplier Spend can potentially have a negative effect on an organisation meeting its Preferential Procurement target . Unfortunately, more often than not, this only becomes apparent at the time of a B-BBEE Verification.

As a practical tool, this communique provides BEE Chamber members with critical information to drive and accurately calculate their B-BBEE Scorecard and manage the risk of Fronting Practice **. The focus of this week's topics is on:

  1. SANAS accreditation withdrawal;

  2. Skills Development Bonus Points;

  3. Mind the gap; and

  4. An article of Transforming Interest | A Knowing Person.

Please register here to attend the TFM Magazine monthly webinar series hosted by the BEE Chamber on the first Tuesday of each month between 09H00 and 11H00. This interactive and informative session reviews the application of technical articles covered in the newsletters over the last month.

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