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Black-owned E&T Minerals bids for optimum coal mine


Growth-focused E&T Minerals a South African commodity brokerage and trading house specialing in coal has placed it’s bid for Optimum Coal Mine after the mine faced liquidation and has been in business rescue since February 2018.

Attaining the mine would highlight a great opportunity for the 80% black youth driven company to boost the country’s economic growth as well as develop the areas around the mine through its Inclusivity approach with communities. It aims to be an enabler for black excellence and assist with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s agenda on economic recovery.

Founded by 29-year-old industry powerhouses Emmanuel Ngulube and Daniel Eyre, the commodity brokerage and trading house has attained Industry-wide trust and are well on their way of becoming one of South Africa’s biggest coal exporters. Their combined vast experiences will drive Optimum Coal Mine to greater heights

E&T minerals reaching a level of bidding for Optimum Coal Mine shows a great impact & potential of Optimum Coal Mine going back into operation through responsible and ethical mining driven by E&T Minerals.

E&T Minerals looks forward to alleviating poverty in surrounding areas as well as ensuring sustainable mining and community stability not only by compensating workers for their job loses but also through giving equity to the workers and the community.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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