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Social and Community News | 15 December 2022

Tlhabane – A clinic that has been abandoned for approximately 10 years is currently being revamped into a centre where the young people of Tlhabane will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and business goals.

The old building, which is situated at 1088 Lebone St in Tlhabane, had previously been used as a clinic, but after the Department of Health (DOH) moved the health centre’s operations to a larger facility in Tlhabane at 3560 Monareng St, the old building – which belongs to the North West Department of Public Works and Roads – lost its purpose and slowly turned into an informal residence for prostitutes and drug addicts.

Fortunately, the rundown building caught the eye of associates from the ‘Tlhabane Hub’ which is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that is still currently in process of registration.

After evaluating the old building, the Tlhabane Hub recognised the building’s potential of becoming a place where young people could be assisted with marketing skills for their small business initiatives and receive career guidance after leaving school by making them aware of various fields of studies at applicable universities and colleges.

And so, after getting the green light from the North West Department of Public Works and Roads, the reconstruction of the facility – now known as the Tlhabane Propellor Hub – started in September 2022 with the support from local business owners and community members who also recognised it as a game-changer for youths living in and around Tlhabane.

Tlhabane Hub interim chairperson, David Keikantseng, said experts from organisations such as Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) and National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) will also be invited to the hub for presentations that will empower young people with various business skills.

“The building and this property belong to the North West Department of Public Works and Roads so we approached them and asked if we could use it to build a hub,” Keikantseng said, “They advised us on how to apply for a lease and while our application is pending, we have their blessing to go ahead with construction activities.”

Community members have thrown their weight behind the Tlhabane Propellor Hub initiative and have hailed it as a project that could play a pivotal role in creating employment for young people. Like many township areas in South Africa, Tlhabane is affected by a high unemployment rate and scarce job opportunities outside the mining sector.

Tumisang Motsumi, a community member and volunteer, said that the hub would benefit future generations. “It’s up to us to create a better future for our children. In total there are about 30 of us who are involved in the construction activities. We all take turns to guard the premises at night to prevent vandalism,” Motsumi said.

Hopes are high that the Tlhabane Propellor Hub will become a catalyst for positive change.

Vincent Moche, who is part of the team involved in setting up the hub, was happy to comment on the building’s change as it had once been a hideout for drug addicts and prostitutes. “I have been living in Tlhabane for more than 39 years and the old building had become a haven for crime,” said Moche.

“The building hasn’t been used for more than 10 years, and as community leaders, we are happy that something good will now come out of that building.”

Foro Superspar, Foro Build it, Pyramid Funerals and Katlego Baphiring are among the local businesses that have provided material and financial support towards the reconstruction of the building. Before reconstruction, the building was in a sore state; with some windows having rusty hinges and others having none, a deteriorating ceiling, and old crumbling paint.

To date, with the added help of 30 volunteers from the community, the building has been repainted and equipped with a new ceiling, as well as new fixtures such as window and door hinges.

“We are extremely grateful for everyone’s support. However, there is still much work to be done.

For example, we need more help because our goal is to build a security wall around the premises before Christmas,” said Keikantseng, who welcomes the support of any security companies who would be willing to volunteer their services until the building’s security has been fully reinforced.

For more information, or if you would like to support the Tlhabane Propellor Hub, contact David Keikantseng at 072 220 7571 or email

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’

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