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Enterprise Development The Sky is the Limit

Introducing Topics of the TFM Talking Transformation Summit

on Tuesday, 1st February 2022, between 09H00 and 11H00

‘Enterprise Development | The Sky is the Limit’ highlights the tangible results of an Enterprise Development intervention between Pembani-Remgro and its Beneficiary B&K Solar. It articulates that an Enterprise Development intervention that is thought through and meaningful yields tangible results.

Presented by Mr Yuneal Padayachy and Zanele Ngcobo

Mr Yuneal Padayachy is the Member Support Executive at the BEE Chamber. He previously served as the Accreditation Manager for the B-BBEE Programme at the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). Before taking up his role at SANAS, he played a critical part in the B-BBEE Policy Unit at the Department of Trade, Industry & Competition. He was responsible for drafting and developing B-BBEE legislation for implementation. Yuneal played a crucial role in establishing the Youth Employment Service, otherwise known as the YES Initiative.

Zanele Ngcobo is the owner of B&K Solar, an Exempted Micro Enterprise. She was born and raised in the Adams Mission, a village in KwaZulu Natal, with no clean water, electricity or network coverage. However, entrepreneurship and innovation run through her veins, as her family earned its livelihood in the informal sector. She obtained a degree in Property Development and an honours degree in Quantity Surveying. Zanele recently completed her master's degree in Commerce and Leadership at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Her other credentials include being Alumna for Future Female Business School in Green Tech under the UK South Africa Tech Hub.

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