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Creating broader value through Spending Transparency at the NLC


The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has been a preeminent in positioning itself as a considerable example towards social cohesion through their stringent policies on spending transparency.

The Commission has been industry leader in achieving their goals of spending transparency, through its mandate to predominantly contribute to creating a broader value in changing the lives of millions of South Africans. The organisation has over for years embarked on building sustainable growth in communities across the nation and contribute to positively impacting the lives of many people across the country.

Hungry Lions RFC was funded by the NLC

The NLC has through its Mandate and Grant Funding model, been at the fore-front of creating opportunities of sustainability to thousands of non-government organisations. The Commission has also been a contributor in the development and economic empowerment of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) organisations, through their supply chain management processes, which ensure them an equal opportunity to participate fully in the economic structures.

Many companies and organisations have been empowered and have reaped the rewards of success through the NLC, based on the procurement strategy and expeditious payment turnaround times to beneficiaries.

The NLC is forever committed to service delivery and the upliftment of communities through their diverse grant Funding and Regulatory mandate.

The effective management of performance information requires a clear understanding of different responsibilities, and the structures and systems involved in managing performance information to ensure that the needs of its stakeholders are satisfied effectively, efficiently and economically. The development, implementation and maintenance of a performance management policy of the NLC is critical in meeting the performance management within the NLC through integrated management strategy that seeks:

• To create a shared vision of the purpose, aims and values of the NLC.

• To help stakeholders and employees understand their part in contributing to the achievement of organizational aims and goals, as well as maintaining organizational values.

• To manage and enhance the performance of individual employees and that of the NLC as a whole.

The performance management process comprises planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting of performance.

NLC Senior Manager in Governance Communications Mabontle Mokwebo said, “Our procurement strategy focuses on preferential procurement from designated groups, enterprise supplier development programme for small businesses, and expeditious turnaround times of payment to suppliers.”

NLC Chief Financial Officer Xolile Ntuli said, “The National Lotteries Commission does not receive funds from the fiscus but is rather funded through approximately 26% of the sale of the national lottery ticket sales from better and prudent regulation of the National Lottery and other lotteries.

She added, “Our procurement strategy focuses on preferential procurement from designated groups, enterprise supplier development programme for small businesses, and expeditious turnaround times of payment to suppliers. Our work is underpinned by a solid corporate governance framework, compliance with legislative framework and delivering its mandate through living to our core values.”

The NLC have clean audit reports for five consecutive years through separate financial statements and the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), no fruitless and wasteful expenditure have been reported.”

The NLC regulate all lotteries and sports pools with integrity and ensure the protection of all participants, and also to maximize revenue for good causes in a responsible manner, while distributing funds equitably through speed and efficiency.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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