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We have created a series of short videos to introduce you to the deaf community and culture in South Africa and even teach you some basic sign language!

In the first video, Candice Morgan, facilitator at the Language School at Wits Plus, explains what Deaf Awareness Month is about. In the second video, Candice shares information about the deaf community in South Africa, including how South African Sign Language is used.

In the third video, some dos and don’ts when interacting with deaf people are outlined, and in the final video Candice demonstrates the Deaf alphabet and shows us how to introduce ourselves! Be sure to keep watching for more informative content during September!

Developing Sign Language

South African Sign Language (SASL) is a first language for the deaf community, but many hearing people also communicate through sign language with children, friends and family who are deaf.

SASL plays several roles for the deaf community. Deaf people use this language to interact with others and pass on cultural knowledge like any other.

The language has been developed over time by several groups of deaf people and with the influence of various formal institutions. Its development is linked to churches, schools for the deaf, the effects of the apartheid system, and influences beyond South Africa’s borders. Click here to view a brief timeline of the major developments of SASL.

You can learn SASL as well!

The Language School at Wits Plus offers a number of SASL courses. These courses have trained facilitators, who are first language proficient and have also been trained to teach both hearing and non-hearing students. SASL courses are offered part-time and run over 10 weeks.

Contact us for more information: | 011 717 4208.

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’

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