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17 February 2023

Whilst making a financial contribution to an Enterprise Development or Supplier Development Beneficiary is deemed a contribution, it does not always constitute a sustainable claim. A claim for each of these sub-elements needs evidence that demonstrates an organisation’s intervention has contributed to growth, sustainability, as well as operational and financial independence.

The monetary route is one contribution option. However, other avenues are contributing an asset or upgrading equipment. In such a case, the value of the asset or the upgrade will determine the claim. It is important to note that only the asset or upgrade is a claim. A B-BBEE Rating Agency will not recognise other line items on an invoice that do not relate to the initiative.

When submitting a claim for granting an asset, it is irrelevant whether it is new or pre-owned, imported or locally produced.

The Enterprise & Supplier Development Services are available to help members ascertain that their investment is an authentic contribution.

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