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EDG Steelpoort welcomes Mirriam Nkuna as a business partner


Mirriam Nkuna shares her journey at EDG Steelpoort.

“I joined the EDG family in Steelpoort on August 1, 2009 as a cashier. Within the two to three months of my employment, an internal position of receiving and data capturer opened up. I applied for the position and was appointed data capturing and receiving clerk for EDG. I worked in receiving for approximately eight years and during the time I was appointed supervisor of the entire receiving and stores team. 

“From time to time I visited other branches to share my knowledge with them and mentor other personnel,” says Mirriam Nkuna. 

She continues, “When EDG had new openings in my department, I helped recruit and mentor new employees. Around 2018-2019 my hard work was noticed by Mr Christo Kroon, because I was familiar with all the products in the stores. I was promoted to stock controller.

“Last November I was appointed one of the franchise owners, seeing that I am a passionate hard-working employee, advancing the company. The company stands for black empowerment. When you work hard and show your loyalty you will grow and get promoted.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me in this journey. I also want to thank the CEP, Mr Christo Kroon, for noticing my potential and helping me grow. Not just at work, but also in life and the entire community. I want to thank the company for helping our community grow by creating job opportunities”.

EDG celebrated its 60th birthday in 2019, however its story in the Steelpoort area started in July 2015 when Christo Kroon did a delivery from Rustenburg to one of the local mines in the area. He noticed a lot of new developments and an opportunity for the products and services it offered.

“As a company we decided to establish a branch locally and started planning our business in Steelpoort. We officially opened our business in March 2006. 

“From the original head office in Rustenburg, our company has grown from strength to strength and today we have branches in Rustenburg, Hartebeespoort, Steelpoort, Phalaborwa and Kathu. We are also planning a branch in the Middelburg area to support our customers in the coal mining industry,” says company director Christo Kroon.

“Electro Diesel prides itself in being a pioneer in the development and empowerment of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, and therefore it continues to come up with new ways to promote and help develop Black Economic Empowerment.

“Electro Diesel Group has launched its 51% black owned franchises in selected areas. 51% of the equity ownership in the franchise companies were awarded to nominated qualifying black owners for their benefit at a no initial setup cost, thereby to establishing a Broad Based Benefit Scheme within the group.

“These entities will also be locally based within your area. We can assure competitive prices to these entities and supply them with the means and skills to enable them to grow exponentially. We look after sectors that are the drivers of our economy, including mining establishments, earth moving entities, industrial machine manufacturers and military establishments. We want to thank all our customers for their support during the last 15 years and we are looking forward to the years to come,” says Kroon.



Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER

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