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By Amo Ramela at Eye Witness News- 20 June 2022

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Roundtable discussion on how the SA youth can take the economy forward despite the high unemployment they're facing.

JOHANNESBURG - Having celebrated Youth Day on 16 June, South Africans have been forced to look deeply into the incredible stats indicating high unemployment rates.

According to Stats SA, the youth unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 63.9% for the 15 to 24-year-olds.

The 25-year-old to 34-year-olds have an unemployment rate of 42.1%.

Many politicians took to the podium on Youth Day to observe the 46th anniversary of the historic day in South Africa to address the youth about opportunities and claiming the future. But the youth's hopelessness could be heard loudly, as they shared their views on various platforms.

But for a country that wishes to rid itself of poverty and inequality, what are the answers that can increase the demands for labour?

Inside EWN roundtable shared insights with guests Asanda Luwaca, who is the NYDA chairperson, Mandla Mbuyisa, a Masters student at the UKZN and Sthandiwe Msomi, who is the national Spokesperson at Sayec, to discuss ways in which the SA youth can claim the economy amid high unemployment stats.

Listen to the discussion below to tap into how the youth can take the economy of South Africa forward.

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’

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