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How is ‘Rural’ Verified?

Introducing Topics of the TFM Talking Transformation Summit

on Tuesday, 1st February 2022, between 09H00 and 11H00

The inclusion of ‘Rural’ or an underdeveloped area in the criteria of the Generic Codes alludes to the Government's commitment to Rural Development that identifies infrastructure, poverty, land reforms, education and unemployment, amongst others. However, a B-BBEE Rating Agency must substantiate this status. In the absence of a clear definition of 'Rural', the article 'How is an Area Verified as Rural?' provides insight on how a B-BBEE Rating Agency substantiates such a claim.

Presented by:

Since 2016, Yolanda du Plessis has been the General Manager at Authentic Rating Solutions and holds an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership. Her expertise for almost two decades has been in the field of brand management across a broad spectrum of sectors. In her current capacity, she is responsible for implementing and managing processes in line with SANAS requirements that have led to the solid reputation that Authentic Rating Solutions holds today as one of South Africa’s leading B-BBEE Rating Agencies.

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