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EWN / 19 MARCH 2022 - 16.55 / TSHIDI MADIA

JOHANNESBURG - While Mbali Ntuli says conflict around race is not the driving force behind her resignation from the Democratic Alliance (DA), she is urging her former political home to be brave enough to delve into the issue.

The DA has been steadily bleeding black skilled talent while pushing at the same time for the scrapping of race-based policies.

This week, the DA urged members of the public to weigh in on the broad-based black economic empowerment policy, arguing that it failed and companies should be judged on their contributions to society instead of how many black people it hired.

Ntuli announced her resignation from the party on Thursday after previously warning of a culture of fear and the "othering" of those who didn't see eye-to-eye with the majority view.

DA KwaZulu-Natal MPL Mbali Ntuli. Picture: Facebook

Ntuli recognised that race permeated every organisation but said the DA was a party that wanted to represent a diverse group of people and as such had the responsibility to do some deep introspection.

"I think the is merit in looking at white people and I think the party should be far braver in confronting that rather than acting like it doesn't exist".

In 2020, during her failed bid to become federal leader, Ntuli raised concerns over a culture of fear, cult-like behaviour and a top-down management approach to party members.

When Eyewitness News asked if any of these had been attended to this, she said, "I think there is so much more that we could be doing as an organisation to really take care of the people within the party and to allow for the diversity of rules in a way that doesn't allow for people to be ostracised if they are different".

Ntuli said parties in the country were failing to work together and that it may be best to serve South Africa outside of the formal political system.



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