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Natasha Pretorius | 3 December 2022

School principal, Anton Mertz addressing the learners.

More than 1 000 certificates were awarded to learners who completed Pro-Practicum School's funding support programme called School-to-Work.

Pro-Practicum School recently held their awards ceremony for their funding support programme, School-to-Work. This programme enables their learners to enter the job market already certified in various careers.

Three years ago the school had already started with a type of School-to-Work programme. This was done in an effort to assist the overage learners to be job ready and enter the employment world. Last year was the first year that they received funding for this programme and this year they had the opportunity to offer 33 courses.

The training was provided by external providers where learners gained SETA, MERSETA, SERVICES SETA, FoodBev SETA, City & Guilds, HW SETA and TETA certification.

The training programs included: • Arc Welding • Barbering • Barista training • Basic Spill Control • Braiding & Weaving • Cake Decorating & Piping Skills • Electrical Tools • Emergency Evacuation • Fire Fighting • First Aid • Working on Heights (Ladders) • Working on Heights (Scaffolding) • Fork Lift Operators • Hand Tools • Hazardous Chemicals Waste • Meat processing • MIG Welding • Nail Technician • Oxy/Acetylene • Pasta Training • Pastry Training • Plasma Cutting • Rigging & Slinging • Security Grade A • Security Grade B • Security Grade EDC • Security Grade NKP • Stacking & Storage • Sugar Crafting • Woodwork CNC Router • Woodwork Copy Lathe Because of scheduling conflicts, the maximum of these training programmes that a learner could attend was 19, but that meant you walked away at the end of the year with 19 certificates to assist you with job searches. And during the awards ceremony that started at 15:00 on Wednesday, November 23 there were learners who received 19 certificates. More than 1 000 certificates were awarded to the learners.

This opportunity was available to the Year 4 learners, the senior Severe Intellectual Disability Curriculum (SID) and School-to-Work groups. One hundred and seventy learners benefited from the R6.4 million provided by the Department of Education to run this programme.

The school said they would like to change the overall perception the community have of their learners. There is a negative view that learners with barriers to learning cannot compete in the workplace but they are proud of their learners who have completed this programme.

The school’s principal, Anton Mertz told the learners that they must always trust in God going forward, that although it may not seem like there is a plan, God always has a plan. He told them to enjoy the different stages of their lives and that these certificates will open doors for them.

The school will continue with this programme next year.

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’

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