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Today in history: Thabo Mbeki receives an Honorary Doctorate


- Today marks the day 21 years ago that former president, Thabo Mbeki received his Honorary Doctorate

- The historic event took place three months after Thabo Mbeki became SA's second elected black president

- Thabo Mbeki received the doctorate from The Rand Afrikaans University

Thabo Mbeki received Honorary Doctorate in 1999. Source: Twitter/ThaboMbekiFoundation Source: Getty Images

Twenty-one years ago today former South African president, Thabo Mbeki received his Honorary Doctorate from The Rand Afrikaans University only three months after he was inaugurated as the country's president.

"I am confident that this University, which I join today as an honorary member, will play its role to help to transform our country into a winning nation," said Mbeki after receiving the doctorate from Chancellor Paul Kruger.

Mbeki was inaugurated as South Africa's president in June 1999 following Nelson Mandela's end of term. He was the second black man to take on the role, a historic feat on its own. He served as the president for nearly two terms, resigning nine months before the second term came to pass.

During Mbeki's ruling of the nation, the country saw a lucrative increase in the economy during which black citizens benefited greatly after his implementation of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment).

Mbeki also played an important role as a mediator for peace agreements between many African countries. In 2017 he became a recipient of an Honorary Degree from Kenya’s Dedan Kimathi University for his role in the liberation of South Africa as well the African Renaissance.


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