Eskom questions BEE credentials of Gupta-linked Trillian

October 13, 2017

FIN 24 / Oct  2017 18:12  / Paul Burkhardt and Sam Mkokeli, Bloomberg


Johannesburg- Eskom has questioned the black economic empowerment credentials of McKinsey’s South African partner, Trillian Capital Partners, as it demanded that the US consultancy return R1bn despite assurances by the state power utility that National Treasury had approved the contract.


“Trillian was a broad-based black economic empowerment partner/supplier development partner to McKinsey under the 2015 contract,” Eskom’s lawyers said in a letter to McKinsey and Trillian seen by Bloomberg. “At the time payment was claimed and made, Trillian had no black ownership.”

Trillian disputed this assertion.