POLITICS: Neoliberalism to blame for our economic predicament - SAFTU

February 8, 2018



Federation says ANC leaders surrendered economic transformation for democracy in 1994


SAFTU statement on the real State of the Nation



 Image - Web.  Zwelinzima Vavi



The State of the Nation address used to be the time when the people of South Africa assessed what we have achieved, discussed what problems and challenges lie ahead and how we are going to confront them.


This year all the media has been concerned with is who will be delivering the address, and even whether it will take place at all. 


The South African Federation of Trade Unions however insists that we must still debate the State of the Nation, given the magnitude of the problems facing the workers and the poor black majority.


The economy


The word now most often used to describe the South African economy is ‘junk’, a word used by credit ratings agencies for economies which