A return to ethical governance – Gordhan cleans out three more SOEs.

May 27, 2018

BIZ NEWS / 24 MAY 2018 - 13.00 / CHRIS BATEMAN



CAPE TOWN — What Pravin Gordhan is doing to State-Owned-Enterprises is not merely a clean out; it’s a wholesale purge, giving us some inkling of just what Judge Raymond Zondo’s State Capture enquiry will eventually reveal. South Africa’s wild, excessive swings so often render us immune to the scale and pervasiveness of phenomena (I think of the lurid daily newspaper front pages of endemic township violence and police killings in the 1980s – on some papers ‘unrest’ was relegated to the inside pages as it was allegedly losing them circulation). Again, while I predict Judge Zondo’s findings will take the breaths of outside observers away, we’ll just say, “uyabona ke’! (you see now!), so inured have we become to corruption reports, books like Jacques Pauw’s, The President’s Keepers – and Gordhan’s resolute and ongoing clean-up.


Here you’ll read about three pivotal, previously-captured and financially-milked SOEs and what Gordhan is doing about them. This and so much more has happened in just 87 days! We South Africans are a bit like roller coaster riders who get off, yawn, look back up at the terrifying highs and lows and say, “is that all you’ve got?” Perhaps it’s time we take a breath and really take it all in. This particular cycle has Gratitude written all over it. – Chris Bateman