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Need to prepare for your B-BBEE Verification? 

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Getting ready for a B-BBEE audit can feel overwhelming. Find what you need here to get started.

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Choosing the right Verification Agency

Choosing a B-BBEE Rating Agency must be a measured process. The core to choosing a B-BBEE rating agency is ensuring that good ethics drive it and that its processes align with the SANAS R47-03 document. The article The R47-03 | Intends to Instil Confidence in the Verification Process provides insight into the obligations of a B-BBEE rating agency. 
Tips on how to evaluate the competence of a B-BBEE Rating Agency: 
  • Ensure that the B-BBEE Rating Agency is accredited to perform a B-BBEE Verification on the Code on which an organisation is measured. For example, XYZ Rating Agency is accredited to perform a B-BBEE Verification on the Generic Codes, but not on the Construction Sector Code. 
  • Whether choosing a new B-BBEE Rating Agency or using the same one as the year before, confirm that it is, or has remained, accredited and is not under suspension.
  • Interview at least three B-BBEE Rating Agencies to determine: 
    • For which Code are they accredited to perform a B-BBEE Verification?
    • Do they outsource any part of their B-BBEE Verification? 
    • Do they have the internal capacity and infrastructure to adequately conduct a B-BBEE Verification based on the size and threshold of an organisation? Do a site visit to confirm this. 
    • In the past year, have they had any severe nonconformances issued by SANAS? If so, how were these resolved? 
    • Has SANAS suspended them over the past year? If so, why, and how was the issue resolved? 
    • Determine what their B-BBEE Verification policies and process entail. 
    • What is the internal expertise held within the agency? 
    • How many Technical Signatories are employed by them? 
    • How long has the agency been in existence? 
    • Obtain a list of references to validate their competence


What is the SANAS mandate?

Conformity with the Codes of Good Practice (Codes) led to establishing an accreditation programme for B-BBEE Rating Agencies under the auspices of the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) gave SANAS the mandate to develop, maintain and enforce the accreditation criteria of B-BBEE Rating Agencies.


As per statement 005 of the Codes, SANAS is the only accreditation body that oversees B-BBEE Rating Agencies. Therefore, the SANAS accreditation process is of the highest standard of compliance in line with the verification manual and the R47-03 document. All B-BBEE Certificates issued by an accredited B-BBEE Rating Agency must include its unique accreditation number and the SANAS accreditation symbol.


SANAS is responsible for carrying out assessments to drive conformity with a mandate through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act 19 of 2006). Besides the Accreditation of B-BBEE Rating Agencies, the SANAS mandate covers accreditation for Calibration Laboratories, Certification Bodies, Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories, Forensic Laboratories, Inspection Bodies, Medical Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Physical and Mechanical Laboratories, Producers of Certified Reference Materials, Proficiency Testing Service Providers, Testing Laboratories, Verification Laboratories and Veterinary Laboratories... 

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Find Accredited Verification Agencies here


Download the Verification Check Sheet 

B-BBEE Amended Codes of Good Practice
  • Notice of Clarification for the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, 
    Gazette Number 38764

  • Schedule of the Amended Codes of Good Practice, Gazette number 38765

  • Published Phase 2 of the Amended Codes of Good Practice, Gazette number 38766


​​EME & QSE  templates 


Note: If you fall into a specific Sector Code please check your relevant Sector Charter website for sector specific EME & QSE Affidavit templates: Click here>

Amended Sector Codes


Not Amended Sector Codes


Youth Employment Service


For further information go The DTI website 


Industry Sector Charter Websites

Find  further information on your Industry 
B-BBEE regulations and where applicable industry specific EME & QSE Affidavit templates. 

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A technical Signatory doesn't roll the dice 


The last step to issuing a valid B-BBEE Verification Certificate (B-BBEE Certificate) is the process of a Technical Signatory (TS) signing it off. The role and responsibility of a TS are to confirm the evidence presented by an organisation through a Verification Analyst during a B-BBEE Verification. The responsibility lies with them to ensure that a B-BBEE Verification is indeed accurate and in line with the Code on which an organisation is measured.

A verification team consists of one or more Verification Analysts and a TS. During a B-BBEE Verification, an organisation rarely engages with the TS. The Verification Analysts are the face of a B-BBEE Verification, as they conduct site visits physically or remotely
- as per the current SANAS provision - inspect evidence and conduct interviews. Verification Analysts are the client-facing representatives who address issues as they arise and ensure sufficient and appropriate evidence is presented to substantiate all B-BBEE claims made by an organisation.

Only a TS may sign off a B-BBEE Certificate. Each B-BBEE Rating Agency has one or more technical signatories who are ultimately responsible for the findings and verification data that are used to issue a B-BBEE Certificate.

The onus is on a TS to confirm that sufficient and appropriate evidence was accepted by the Verification Analyst and that all verification procedures have been adhered to during the B-BBEE Verification process.

A B-BBEE Certificate is not valid unless a qualified TS has signed it off. Such a person’s name appears on a B-BBEE Rating Agency’s Scope of Accreditation which features on the SANAS website... 

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The R47-03 Intends to instil Confidence in the B-BBEE Verification Process

The SANAS R47-03 replaces the R47-02 document. It is the blueprint for how SANAS accredits a B-BBEE Rating Agency
on behalf of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic). It essentially clarifies a code of conduct for B-BBEE Rating Agencies. It outlines the policies and procedures necessary to perform their services in line with the SANAS accreditation requirements.


These amendments became effective on 7th October 2020. Effectively, the objective of this document in its entirety is to outline how SANAS expects a B-BBEE Rating Agency to conduct business. The R47-03 applies to B-BBEE Rating Agencies operating in the B-BBEE space. Although organisations should be aware of the expectations contained in this document, their focus must be on the Act and the Codes.


These amendments clearly close loopholes in the system so that the result is acceptance of each B-BBEE Verification with confidence by the clients of the clients of B-BBEE Rating Agencies. The amendments will impact the earning potential of many operating in the B-BBEE Sector, as they clearly separate the roles and the rights of intervention between B-BBEE Rating Agencies, B-BBEE Consultants and related or third parties. The significant amendments in the R47-03 document include... 
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The role of B-BBEE Consultants.

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Need to prepare for your B-BBEE Verification? 

Download our Free BEE Verification Preparation Check-sheet 
and use immediately.

Planning to prepare for a B-BBEE Audit but not sure where to start and what to documents to populate? 

We offer a free Verification Preparation check sheet with notes, useful tips and interpretations applied
by different Verification Agencies and 

The BEE Chamber FREE B-BBEE Verification Preparation Check-sheet  is an easy-to-use excel based tool
to guide in your 
Verification preparation.

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What you can expect: 

  • Detailed Document lists by element 

  • Hints and checks 

  • Useful tips

  • Excel based 

  • No hidden cost 

Who we designed this calculator for:

  • Companies with a turnover > R 50 million. 

  • Companies that need to comply with The Generic Codes of Good Practice.

  • NOTE: Does not accommodate specific industry sector codes. 

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