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Elevate your B-BBEE score through

supply chain optimization and

supplier diversification with BEE Chamber's Supply Chain Management Programme.

Our services guide you to meet Preferential Procurement targets, achieve procurement in supply chain management, ensure quality control, and streamline supply chain processes. Experience enhanced collaboration with suppliers and robust cash flow management. Connect with us today to foster sustainability in your supply chain.


Supply Chain Management Programme

As a decision maker, you understand the significance of optimizing your Preferential Procurement and supply chain management to amplify your B-BBEE score, whilst diversifying your supply chain. The BEE Chamber's Supply Chain Management Programme is designed to fulfil these objectives.

Our Supply Chain Management Programme integrates supplier diversification that assures quality control and meets the Codes of Good Practice expectations. A central aspect of our service is substantiating the necessary evidence for your B-BBEE verification.


What is our Supply Chain Management Programme?

An efficient Supply Chain Management Programme fosters sustainability in supply chain management, aiding businesses in coordinating the flow of goods, from raw material sourcing to the delivery of the final product. It empowers organisations to streamline procurement and supply chain management, track orders, control quality, fulfil incoming and outgoing orders, and distribute products proficiently.


At BEE Chamber, we assist organisations in achieving their Preferential Procurement targets through effective procurement and supply chain management of products and services. Our Supply Chain Management Programme comprises:


  • Analysing your supplier database against Preferential Procurement targets

  • Segmenting suppliers based on their priority in delivering your end product

  • Identifying and reporting on suppliers that pose a risk to you meeting your Preferential Procurement targets

  • Developing a strategy and interventions to secure sustainable suppliers complimenting your Preferential Procurement score

How can we help you?

Our Supply Chain Management Programme offers numerous advantages for your company, such as:

Improved Quality Control

By harmonizing standards between you and your suppliers, it becomes simpler to detect quality control issues sooner. Fostering trust with your suppliers ensures prompt notifications on any product defects, thus guaranteeing the high-quality products you deserve.

Enhanced Collaboration with Your Suppliers

Building a stronger relationship between your company and your suppliers ensures they understand your constraints as well as your objectives. This can be especially beneficial if you have tight margins. Your suppliers may also provide you with increased flexibility, allowing your business some flexibility if this relationship is built over a lengthy period.


Strengthened Cash Flow

An efficient supply chain, built on robust relationships, allows for stringent quality and inventory control, enhancing your business’s cash flow management.

What is the process of implementing our Supply Chain Management Programme?

  1. Programme Planning Session Benefit: Ensuring that the right people are involved

  2. Supply Chain transformation workshop:  Ensuring that the right people understand the subject

  3. Procurement data collection and analysis: Full set of accurate data will allow for effective exercises

  4. Procurement data graphing: Allows participants to view procurement data in a workable format.

  5. Procurement data review and analysis workshop: Allows participants to secure a deeper understanding of supply chain transformation and to enhance buy-in.

  6. Procurement data modelling: The generation of models will allow participants to identify opportunities.

  7. Procurement model workshop: Participants advance their understanding of what is needed.

  8. Procurement strategy and supplier plan development (per supplier): A shared understanding of the individual supplier plans and how they fit into the supply chain transformation strategy.

  9. Procurement strategy presentation: Ability for leadership to lead and management to deliver a diversified supply chain and increased Enterprise Development score.

  10. Information Review: Review all inputs and include them in the model.

  11. Development of strategy document: Use of detailed strategy documents that allow for sign-off and governance over the 5 year period​.

Why Choose Our Supply Chain Management Programme?​

Opt for the BEE Chamber's Supply Chain Management Programme to enhance your B-BBEE score and foster supplier diversification. Our services enable organisations to achieve Preferential Procurement targets, streamline supply chain, and control product quality proficiently. Experience improved quality control, strengthened collaboration with suppliers, and robust cash flow management through our programme. Connect with us today to understand how our programme can bring sustainability in your supply chain.


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Reach out to BEE Chamber today to discover how our Supply Chain Management Programme can boost your B-BBEE score and foster sustainability in your supply chain.

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