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YES (Youth Employment Service)

The YES initiative is one of the most

impactful intervention in our country

Youth Development is essential to helping the youth of South Africa succeed in life. The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a joint national initiative between business, government and labour that aims to address the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa by providing 12-month work experiences to unemployed, black youth.

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YES (Youth Employment Service)

Are you ready to Level Up and invest in South Africa’s Youth?
If YES, your search has landed you on the right page.

The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a collaborative effort between Government, business and labour, supported by legislation. The YES programme addresses the demand side of employment and the B-BBEE Scorecard to leverage on the side of the business. Successful participation in YES rewards organisations with up to two Status Level enhancements, aptly referred to as ‘Level Up’, for meeting the total 'YES' commitments over 12 months.

The BEE Chamber introduced the YES Service with a dedicated and versed YES Team to provide a flawless end-to-end YES solutions benefitting all parties involved.

YES in a nutshell

YES is the acronym for ‘Youth Employment Service’, which was launched in 2018. It applies to Large Enterprises, Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) and Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs) that meet the criteria.

Upon embarking on the YES Programme journey, the YES Team provides an assessment of the opportunities, risks, responsibilities and targets. There are two options for placing YES Employees in their 12-month employment:

  1. Where a YES Sponsor employs a YES Employee within its organisation; or

  2. Where a YES Employee is placed with a qualifying YES Host.
    The B-BBEE Scorecard benefit goes towards the YES Sponsor's scorecard.

Based on the calculation of targets for YES Employees, a YES Sponsor provides a 12-month work experience.

A B-BBEE Verification confirms whether a YES Sponsor met the YES requirements and allows for a 1 or 2 Status

Level enhancement. A YES Sponsor's B-BBEE Certificate will indicate participation and Status Level enhancement.

What does YES programme management offer?

Over the last decade the BEE Chamber has built a significant network that the YES Team taps into where necessary. The process incorporates comprehensive monitoring, trouble-shooting and documenting of the 12-month process, which is vital and is broken down as follows:​

  • Confirming that a potential YES Sponsor qualifies to participate in
    the YES Programme.

  • Providing analysis to identify YES targets and the potential Level Up advantages.

  • Calculating the YES targets against the criteria to ascertain the number of
    YES Employees necessary to meet the complete YES requirements. 

  • Breaking down the YES programme registration fees and, where necessary,
    facilitate the process.

  • Investigating any collateral costs necessary, then preparing and presenting a budget.

  • Where applicable, sourcing and engaging with YES Hosts on behalf of a YES Sponsor.

  • Evaluating the positions for YES Employees that meet the criteria on behalf of
    a YES Sponsor and, if applicable, a YES Host. 

  • Identifying YES Candidates, then making sure that they meet the position's criteria, that the YES Sponsor's geographical location is realistic and that a YES Employee qualifies as one.

  • Overseeing the employment contract, ensuring that the requirements of the
    YES programme as per the Department of Employment and Labour are incorporated.

  • Facilitating the induction between the YES Team, representatives of the
    YES programme, the YES Sponsor, or applicable YES Host, and the YES Employee to ensure adherence to all YES requirements beforehand.

  • Acting as an intermediary, monitoring, tracking and reporting progress.

  • Providing monthly management and progress reports to the YES Sponsor.

  • Sourcing YES Candidates or replacing a YES Employee if one resigns.

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How does a managed YES programme benefit the B-BBEE Verification process?

The YES Team is versed on the B-BBEE evidence necessary to verify the successful completion of the 12 months.

As they have supported the YES Employee, YES Sponsor or Host from the outset, all evidence of the successful completion of the YES Programme is available to hand over to the YES Sponsor at the time of their B-BBEE Verification.

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