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Welcome to the future of sustainable Human Capital Transformation.

Transform Your Organization's Human Capital with BEE Chamber's Human Capital Program. Our unique framework delivers a tailor-made solution to meet compliance and transformative objectives through coordinated decision-making. Engage your leadership and employees to achieve sustainable transformation. Let us guide you towards comprehensive and effective Human Capital implementation.


Transform Your Organization's Human Capital with the BEE Chamber


As a designated employer, it's important to meet your organization's strategic goals through the implementation of a Human Capital Transformation (HCT) strategy. However, implementing Employment Equity, Skills Development, and B-BBEE legislation can be overwhelming and disjointed without a cohesive approach.


Our HCT Team's unique framework fosters coordinated decision-making among stakeholders, ensuring effective and meaningful transformation that addresses compliance and transformative objectives holistically.


Since only the Employment Equity implementation is compulsory among the pieces of legislation mentioned earlier, while the rest are voluntary, adopting a compliance and transformative approach to HCT is essential for your organization to address the issue comprehensively.

The Human Capital Services model:

Our HCT framework takes into account various components, creating a tailor-made solution for your organization.

  1. Addressing the HCT status quo to develop a strategic plan;

  2. Creating a roadmap for a comprehensive HCT blueprint and implementation;

  3. Impacting Management Control and Skills Development elements of your B-BBEE scorecard;

  4. Preparing Human Capital Practitioners and extended stakeholders for sustainable transformation;

  5. Sharing clear and consistent rules for all stakeholders involved in transformation;

  6. Aligning policies to meet your organization's mandate;

  7. Engaging leadership, line managers, and employees to meet transformation goals;

  8. Outlining the business case for transformation in the South African context;

  9. Preparing Employment Equity and Skills Development Forums to act as strategic partners;

  10. Communicating technical requirements and expectations to decision-makers;

  11. Establishing KPIs for decision-makers to deliver on their mandate;

  12. Ownership of your organization's transformation strategy by top management;

  13. Establishing open communication channels between Employment Equity and Skills Development Forums and your workforce.

Our Human Capital Services model supports your organization's Employment Equity Plan, Management Control, and Skills Development elements of your B-BBEE scorecard.

Our process includes:

  1. Human Capital Transformation Best Practice Assessment: Evaluating your HCT status quo to use as a strategic base.

  2. EAP-aligned Transformation Training: Equipping stakeholders to drive the transformation agenda sustainably through the Change Management process.

  3. Human Capital Transformation Programme: Developing the best B-BBEE Management Control and Skills Development strategy for workforce planning, employee attraction and retention management, succession planning, the management of high potential employees, and learning and development management.

  4. HCT Communication Strategy: Developing a communication strategy to manage legislation and transformation requirements.

  5. HCT Policy Workshops: Reviewing current Human Capital policies to identify gaps in effectiveness.

  6. Human Capital Integrated Sustainable B-BBEE: Presenting a Human Capital Transformation Program incorporating B-BBEE, Employment Equity, and Skills Development, supported by an Operational Governance framework


Our HCT Team has successfully implemented Employment Equity projects across various sectors, including ICT, construction, marketing, financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, textiles, mining, and tourism.

Why Choose our Human Capital Transformation Program?

Choose BEE Chamber's HCT Program with confidence, benefiting from our expertise, tailored solutions, and comprehensive support for sustainable transformation. Our unique framework ensures strategic alignment, compliance, and transformative outcomes. Unlock your workforce's potential, achieve maximum impact, and drive meaningful change with our guidance. Experience coordinated decision-making, a holistic approach, and a culture of inclusivity. Trust us to be your partner in achieving success and making a positive impact on your organization's workforce and overall performance. Start your transformation journey with us today.

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Our HCT framework and Human Capital Services model will help you meet your organization's strategic goals through sustainable transformation. Contact us to learn more about our Employment Equity support and how we can help you transform your organization's human capital.

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