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Need to prepare for your B-BBEE Verification? 

Download our Free BEE Verification Preparation Check-sheet  and use immediately.



Boost Your B-BBEE Score by Being Verification Ready: A Framework for Evidence Preparation and B-BBEE Compliance

B-BBEE Verification Readiness offers a comprehensive framework to help organizations present accurate and relevant evidence during a B-BBEE Verification. Our Technical Compliance Service Team specializes in preparing organizations for the verification process and identifying any shortfalls to improve their score. Explore the benefits of being B-BBEE Verification ready and how our team can help organizations achieve their B-BBEE score goals.


B-BBEE Verification Readiness

Elevate Your Organization's B-BBEE Score with B-BBEE Verification Readiness. Our Technical Compliance Service Team is here to help you be prepared. We understand the importance of presenting accurate and relevant evidence during a B-BBEE Verification, which is why we offer a comprehensive Verification Readiness framework.

Preparing for B-BBEE Verification is paramount, as an organization only has one chance to present accurate and relevant evidence. The BEE Chamber recognizes the consequences of an ill-prepared B-BBEE Verification and thus supports organizations in presenting evidence that withstands scrutiny. Our Technical Compliance Support Service Team comprises a team of technical experts who are well-versed in the B-BBEE Act, The Codes of Good Practice, and the Sector Codes of Good Practice. By being Verification ready, organizations presenting evidence to the Technical Compliance Team would have identified any shortfalls and can retrieve any missing evidence or correct any inaccuracies, thus saving valuable points on the overall score.

What is B-BBEE Verification Readiness?

Our Technical Compliance Team has designed a framework that cross-checks each indicator on the relevant Code against evidence for B-BBEE Verification Readiness. The process of analysis against the indicators ensures that interpretations are tested, targets are met, and claims are paid within the Measurement Period. The Team further prepares an organization for any queries that may arise from the B-BBEE Rating Agency during the B-BBEE Verification. This preparation allows an organization to get a real-time expectation of the potential score before its B-BBEE Verification.

The benefit of being B-BBEE Verification ready in year one is that it builds a foundation for year two and beyond. In identifying a shortfall in evidence, our Technical Compliance Team provides the tools to rectify the deficit for the following B-BBEE Verification. Overall, the quality and quantity of evidence will filter through to the overall score.

2.   Preparation of a B-BBEE Verification File containing

     all evidence necessary to confirm a claim, properly.

  • Breakdown of indicative B-BBEE score per scorecard indicator for each element.

  • Identification of risk areas, potential points lost, and missed opportunities to claim values.

  • A list of issues with relevant data or evidence that have the potential to impact an organization's overall score negatively.

How can we help you?

Our Technical Compliance Team, with years of experience working with organizations of all sizes across all sectors, will instill confidence in your organization's evidence for B-BBEE Verification. We take organizations through the framework and optimize all claims to their full potential in line with the expectations of the relevant Code. Our Verification Readiness framework includes:​

1.   B-BBEE Review Report

What is the process of implementing

the Verification Readiness framework?

  1. Our Technical Compliance Team conducts an assessment of data and all corresponding documentation in collaboration with an organization.

  2. We compile a comprehensive report incorporating an organization's performance against each indicator. The report further highlights risk areas, the quality of evidence, missed opportunities, and provides a probable score per element.

  3. We validate that the evidence contained in the B-BBEE Verification Evidence File aligns with the requirements of the relevant Code.

  4. We provide a B-BBEE Verification Report containing indicative scores per element, per indicator.

  5. Our framework allows organizations to remedy data or evidence that falls short of the requirements, reducing the risk of losing valuable points during a B-BBEE Verification.

  6. Our framework delivers easily accessible evidence to an organization's B-BBEE Rating Agency, saving organizations time and resources on queries and challenges on claims.

  7. We conduct a post-mortem following the B-BBEE Verification to identify shortfalls and areas for improvement.

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Why Choose Our Service?

Our Technical Compliance Team provides a comprehensive Verification Readiness framework to help organizations boost their B-BBEE score by being prepared for verification. Our experienced team of technical experts will guide your organization through the process of evidence preparation, identifying any shortfalls and rectifying them before the verification process, thus saving valuable points on the overall score. With our Verification Readiness framework, organizations can build a strong foundation and maximize their B-BBEE score and preferential procurement recognition. 

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Maximize your organization's B-BBEE score and preferential procurement recognition with our Verification Readiness framework. Contact us to build a strong foundation for success.

Need to prepare for your B-BBEE Verification? 

Download our Free BEE Verification Preparation Check-sheet 
and use immediately.

Planning to prepare for a B-BBEE Audit but not sure where to start and what to documents to populate? 

We offer a free Verification Preparation check sheet with notes, useful tips and interpretations applied
by different Verification Agencies and 

The BEE Chamber FREE B-BBEE Verification Preparation Check-sheet  is an easy-to-use excel based tool
to guide in your 
Verification preparation.

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What you can expect: 

  • Detailed Document lists by element 

  • Hints and checks 

  • Useful tips

  • Excel based 

  • No hidden cost 

We designed this calculator for:

  • Companies with a turnover > R 50 million. 

  • Companies that need to comply with The Generic Codes of Good Practice.

  • NOTE: Does not accommodate specific industry sector codes. 

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