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The Practitioner Member has

access to a unique team of experts.

Get legislative and thought-leader insight

that can be accessed at your leisure. 



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Explore the unlimited access to the following Services and Tools 


Technical Compliance

Gain access to relevant support and experts on interpretations whilst taking the risk of Fronting Practices into account


Peace of mind that claims are managed in line with the B-BBEE Act and do not pose a Fronting Risk. 


Technical Compliance

The Art of Interpretation  

Your direct line to a compliance Specialist

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Compliance Forum

Participate in the membership Whats App Group for real-time responses to your challenges.


Quick response time from B-BBEE specialists and Practitioners on experiences and solutions


Compliance Forum

Keep Connected 

Whats App connection to all BEE Professionals and Compliance Specialists

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Access the template library of downloadable B-BBEE tools & documents to support you with establishing your B-BBEE framework and implementation


Quick direction on tested templates and framework which gets you going and safes you time.


The Tools

Simply download and utilise

Libraries of templates on all topics 

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An app that links you to all published B-BBEE legislation, B-BBEE Commission notes and interpretative opinions, all in one centralised place 


Fast and on the go access to a comprehensive library of relevant documents. Accessible through your phone or tablet.



Body of Knowledge App

All relevant Codes, Act, interpretations in one place

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Series of Webinars

Join us and other members every Friday from 9 to 10 for the interactive technical webinars facilitated by thought leaders and experts in the field. 


Grow you technical knowledge on specialised B-BBEE topics to benefit your B-BBEE strategy and implementation.  


Series of Webinars


Weekly technical in-depth Webinars

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Score Management Software

Use our market-leading B-BBEE management software (BEESmart) to track your performance against set targets and pro-actively make decision to support your B-BBEE level (Scenario Planning)


Visibility of your B-BBEE performance.


Score Management Software


Track, plan, monitor, scenarios and evidence management in one place 

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BEE Chamber


Receive a copy of the leading transformation BEE Chamber 

Magazine. Thought-leaders and

B-BBEE specialists share their insight and expertise in a practical way.


Gain knowledge of  trends and solutions in the Transformation

and B-BBEE space.


BEE Chamber Magazine

Keep connected 

Receive the BEE Chamber Magazine filled with Transformation insights

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The Daily


Receive daily updates on current B-BBEE and transformation news.


Keep informed on daily B-BBEE news to support your business decisions


The Daily News

Keep connected daily

Keep on track with the B-BBEE industry

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The BEE Chamber your trusted partner for B-BBEE initiatives.

We understand the importance of building internal expertise and capacity to safeguard your B-BBEE credentials and reputation. 


Our goal is to help businesses achieve meaningful transformation

that contributes to the growth of the South African economy while providing a return on investment.

As a decision-maker, you need to ensure that your company's B-BBEE initiatives are sustainable and proactively managed. That's where the BEE Chamber comes in. Our Practitioner Membership gives you access to a unique team of experts who provide legislative and thought-leader insights that can be accessed at your leisure.


If you're a B-BBEE Practitioner managing your company's B-BBEE Scorecard, our membership program provides the support and development you need to confidently secure targeted B-BBEE credentials. Our comprehensive list of services includes Compliance Advice, Technical Whats App Group, Tools & Templates accessible on the Website, the BEEBook of Knowledge App, Weekly Technical Webinars, Success Videos, Daily BEE News, and BEESmart the BEE Management Software developed to support B-BBEE Practitioners to deliver on their mandates.


We understand that staying up-to-date with the latest B-BBEE regulations and best practices can be challenging. That's why our membership program offers you the convenience of accessing our resources on-demand, so you can focus on driving your business forward.


Why Choose Our BEE Practitioner Service?

As a B-BBEE Practitioner, managing your company's B-BBEE Scorecard can be challenging. That's why you need the BEE Chamber Practitioner Membership. Our expert support, knowledge, and tools will help you achieve sustainable and proactively managed B-BBEE initiatives that contribute to the growth of the South African economy. With our comprehensive list of services, you can confidently secure targeted B-BBEE credentials while staying up-to-date with the latest B-BBEE regulations and best practices. Become a Practitioner Member today and take the first step towards securing your company's future. Explore the Practitioner Membership below for more information on our services and benefits.



Create an environment in which

BEE practically runs itself.

BEE Chamber Practitioner Membership option is designed to assist you on all aspects of the transformation journey.    

The Practitioner approach

With access to our experts, tools, processes, you have a strategic partner every step of the way.

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Access to information is critical for enabling BEE Practitioners to react to changes in the market, to effectively monitor and to enter into informed dialogue about decisions which affect the outcome of their

B-BBEE Score. 

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Guidance enables each BEE Practitioner to understand the B-BBEE legislation in-depth and ensure compliance with the

B-BBEE Act. The BEE Practitioner will relate the rules to the business, and reach a state of competence.

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B-BBEE organization tools let BEE Practitioners improve their focus and make things less hectic. Accessing quality tools becomes key in working efficient. Make use of our templates and Apps to support you achieving B-BBEE compliance. 

Your trusted, long-term advocate committed to acutely assess your needs and deliver solutions that attain expected outcomes.

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Do you needed more support or looking for a customised solution? 

As a Practitioner PLUS Member you will have access to a dedicated team

of experts that will assist you during the quarterly reviews to strategically plan,

manage and analyse the company’s B-BBEE score and claims.

Customised Solutions is centered around a growing team of leading B-BBEE business and management consultants. We provide expert Professional Services to help deliver improvements in B-BBEE business strategies, monitoring, implementation and help you to grow your B-BBEE score performance.

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What Members say about Us

I have gained a lot of useful information from the Weekly and Monthly Webinars.

This helps me to share valuable information to our Pillar Owners.

- Octavia Makhaphela I Transformation Specialist I Group Strategy I Hollard South Africa


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