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Practitioner PLUS membership

offers you access to a dedicated team.

Our team will address your unique challenges and will propose solutions during your quarterly reviews in preparation for your B-BBEE audit.




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Explore the access to the Advice Service



Data Upload

Expand your capacity with access to a dedicated team to support you with data corrections and uploads.


Gain assurance of correct data uploaded to BEESmart to support element scores. 


Quarterly Data Upload

We check and load   

Correct data = correct scores 

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Verification Preparation Assurance

Assist you with your evidence preparation and support you during the B-BBEE Verification


Access to expertise to support you with queries and interpretation challenges 


Verification Preparation Assurance

Confidence is key

Ensure your required B-BBEE level is achieved.

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B-BBEE Certificate Collection

Access our dedicated team to source your suppliers’ correct and valid B-BBEE Certificates.


Expand your B-BBEE Certificate collection capacity and optimise on the Preferential Procurement score claims  


B-BBEE Certificate Collection

Procurement enhancement

Grow capacity of B-BBEE Certificate collection and ensure their validity

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Specialised Programme

Our solution includes sourcing, qualifying, contracting, placing and evidence management. Creating a customised solution with a specialist in alignment with your set targets.  


Effectively managed programmes on your behalf.  


Specialised Programme and Solution Identification

Implement sustainable solutions

Yes, Bursary, Learnerships and Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes

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Analyse your progress against your B-BBEE Strategy and set targets, including Fronting risks assessment as well as gap analysis


Gain access to a dedicated team of specialists who are focused on addressing your B-BBEE challenges


Quarterly Review


Gain visibility & knowledge

Set targets, monitor and be audit ready

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Score Management Software

Use our market-leading B-BBEE management software (BEESmart) to track your performance against set targets and pro-actively make decision to support your B-BBEE level (Scenario Planning) 


Visibility of your B-BBEE performance. 


Score Management Software


Track, plan, monitor, scenarios and evidence management in one place.

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Welcome to the BEE Chamber Practitioner Plus Membership,

your all-in-one solution for B-BBEE initiatives. We understand the challenges that BEE Practitioners face in managing their company's B-BBEE Scorecard and mitigating the risks associated with fronting practices. That's why we've designed our Practitioner Plus Membership program to provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your B-BBEE goals.


Our Practitioner Plus Membership offers

all the services included in our Practitioner Membership, plus additional services to address your specific needs. As a Practitioner Plus Member, you'll have access to a dedicated team of Scorecard experts who can provide you with unlimited remote advice on scorecard management, legislative interpretation, and fronting practice risk management.


We also offer Supplier BEE Certificate collection services to help you streamline the process of collecting BEE Certificates from your suppliers. And our Quarterly Scorecard Reviews provide you with a comprehensive review of your B-BBEE Scorecard, including target setting, data upload validation, and score review.


In addition, our Pre-Audit Review services can help you identify potential issues before an audit, with sample checks, score validation, and fronting practice assessments.


At the BEE Chamber, we believe in empowering our members to achieve meaningful transformation. That's why we offer our Practitioner Plus Membership as a comprehensive solution that provides you with the tools and support you need to succeed.


Why Choose Our BEE Practitioner Service?

The BEE Chamber's Practitioner Plus Membership offers BEE Practitioners access to a team of experts who provide unlimited remote advice, quarterly scorecard reviews, and pre-audit assessments. With streamlined BEE Certificate collection services and a focus on mitigating fronting practices, our comprehensive solution empowers members to achieve meaningful transformation and their B-BBEE goals.


Don't let the complexities of B-BBEE initiatives hold you back. Sign up for the BEE Chamber's Practitioner Plus Membership today and take the first step towards achieving your B-BBEE

Practitioner PLUS


We’re more than a support function, we’re part of your team.

Practitioner Plus provides the Member access to a Service Desk Support (Consultants) to assist the Member with target setting, periodic uploading of data, as well as the quarterly Data and Evidence Reviews. 

Your Success Warranty

With access to our experts, tools, processes and hands-on support team, you have a strategic partner every step of the way.

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Plans change and new opportunities pop up all the time. Each quarter, we evaluate your business to ensure the B-BBEE score performance is running smoothly and offer support for continual improvements.

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Guided Implementation

Robust onboarding to ensure all our tools are at your disposal and are optimized to your custom needs for operational efficiency.

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Success Managers

We will search for opportunities that will provide you best ROI and share solutions with you for efficient management program and time efficiency. 

Your trusted, long-term advocate committed to acutely assess your needs and deliver solutions that attain expected outcomes.

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Are you looking for a customised solution?

Customised Solutions is centered around a growing team of leading B-BBEE business and management consultants. We provide expert Professional Services to help deliver improvements in B-BBEE business strategies, monitoring, implementation and help you to grow your B-BBEE score performance.

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What Members say about Us

I have gained a lot of useful information from the Weekly and Monthly Webinars.

This helps me to share valuable information to our Pillar Owners.

- Octavia Makhaphela I Transformation Specialist I Group Strategy I Hollard South Africa


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