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The BEE Chamber manages and implements bursaries on behalf of our Members (Sponsors) as part of their investment to their B-BBEE scorecard.


Sourcing of students are done through the different Department of Higher Education institutions or the Sponsor’s networks. As such, we suggest that you reach out to the Bursary, Finance or Student Office at your University / Technicon / College and register on their database as a student in need of financial assistance. You are also welcome to register yourself on our database of students requiring funding. Kindly contact us using the form below to be registered.

Kindly do take note of the following:

  • Application for bursaries does not automatically mean that the bursary will be granted.

  • Sponsors decide which type of expenditure they will be including in the Bursary (registration fees /course fees / textbooks & stationary / accommodation). If your bursary application is successful all your tuition needs for the specific academical year may not be met.

  • Each Sponsor have their own unique requirements as to what courses they will be sponsoring like minimum results, undergrad or post grad, year of study etc. In Managing the bursary on their behalf, The BEE Chamber needs to abide by the specifications of each Sponsor.

  • Distributions are made throughout the year depending on the deadlines determined by the relevant Sponsor.

  • A bursary in the current year does not guarantee that the student will receive a bursary again in future.

We will contact you should you meet the relevant requirements of one of our Sponsors to

enquire whether funding is still required and requesting supporting documents such as proof of registration,

fee statements, prior year results, etc.

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**Dear applicant please note that sponsors do not fund first year students. 1st Year application unfortunately will not be processed.

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