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A B-BBEE Verification is based on a sampling of evidence and an element of risk. In other words, the process of analysing less than 100% of the evidence supplied. The procedure provides a Verification Analyst with a reasonable basis on which to conclude that all evidence provided is true and accurate.

However, posing a challenge is a Learnership claim where the Learner is no longer employed. If that particular Learner is chosen as part of the sample, the B-BBEE Rating Agency will need to interview them for an organisation to claim its points.

As per Clause (e), the SANAS R47-03 document states the following:

" (e) As part of the Verification process, the Verification personnel shall interview a sufficient number of black persons at all levels of the Measured Entity to provide assurance that the information gathered is sound. For the avoidance of doubt, interviews shall be conducted for the Skills Development element. This does not exclude the sampling of white persons or others who do not meet the definition of 'Black'."

Therefore, an organisation must ensure that it has up-to-date contact details of Learners no longer employed.

B-BBEE Verification Services are available to Members to ensure all documentary evidence is correct.


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