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An organisation's Skills Development is vital to evaluating the skills needs and shortfalls within its workforce. Notably, a Skills Development Forum must link an organisation’s B-BBEE and Employment Equity Strategies. The forum members must know the rational intent, roll-out and implementation of the strategies. The responsibilities of the forum include (not limited to):


  • Assisting the SDF in identifying, formulating, and prioritising training needs.

  • Promoting, where feasible, skills development interventions aligned with the Sector Skills Plan (SSP).

  • Monitoring the implementation of planned training interventions as indicated in the WSP and PTP.

  • Where relevant, ensuring that the WSP and PTP align with the objectives of the Employment Equity Plan.

  • Providing feedback on the quality of training presented and communicating suggestions for improvement.

  • Identifying any barriers hindering certain groups from gaining access to training opportunities.

  • Presenting training-related input from both the workforce and management alike at the forum meetings.

  • Where possible, ensuring that the company makes use of accredited training providers.

  • Before submission, approving and signing off on WSP, PTP, ATR and PTR to the relevant SETA.


Human Capital Services are available to assist Members with insight into Skills Development Forums.


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