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BEE 123 | 11 June 2024

Four years ago, Skills123 embarked on a mission to transform lives and uplift communities through the power of education and skills development. This month, we celebrate the incredible journey and achievements of this remarkable organisation, which has been dedicated to upskilling youth and fostering training and development with unwavering passion and commitment.

A vision of empowerment

Founded on the belief that equipping young individuals with the necessary skills can open doors to countless opportunities, Skills123 has been a beacon of hope in a world of constant change. Recognising the evolving demands of the job market, Skills123 has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between traditional education and the practical skills needed for modern careers.

From its inception, Skills123 adopted an innovative and inclusive approach. The organisation understood that true empowerment comes from providing not only technical skills but also fostering critical thinking, creativity, and resilience. Over the past four years, this holistic vision has yielded remarkable results, touching the lives of thousands.

Marrying business needs with transformation goals

Central to Skills123's philosophy is the belief in marrying a company’s operational requirements with their B-BBEE scorecard obligations. By aligning training programs with both business needs and transformation goals, Skills123 ensures that companies achieve a return on investment while driving sustainable transformation. This integrated approach has been key to Skills123’s success, helping businesses grow and prosper while making a meaningful impact on the community.

Transforming lives through comprehensive training

One of Skills123's most significant achievements has been their comprehensive training programs, which have reached thousands of young people across various regions. These programs are meticulously designed to address the specific needs of diverse industries, ensuring that participants gain relevant and practical skills. From learnership programs and skills of the future workshops to leadership training and entrepreneurship courses, Skills123 has left no stone unturned in its quest to prepare the youth for the future.

Their standout success stories include programs that have empowered over thousands of young individuals with cutting-edge technical skills. Graduates of these programs have gone on to secure permanent employment in leading companies and continue to contribute to the economic transformation of their communities. The stories of these young trailblazers are a testament to the profound impact of Skills123's initiatives.

Milestone achievements and impact

A significant milestone in Skills123's journey is the recent graduation of 58 talented disabled individuals from one of its key learnership programs, with an additional 2 set to complete later this year. Out of this graduating cohort, an impressive 52 learners have already signed absorption contracts for permanent employment. This achievement underscores the real-world impact of Skills123’s initiatives, reflecting the dedication and hard work of both the learners and the organisation.

In partnership with one of our flagship clients, we facilitated a successful bursary fund, valued at R32m, which provided over 200 students with the opportunity to advance their studies. This initiative supported students in STEM disciplines, covering tuition fees, registration, accommodation, devices, textbooks and an annual living allowance. Such efforts not only provide financial assistance but also empower students to access quality education and reach their full potential. The wrap-around support enabled them to focus on their studies.

Programme Types & Skills123 Impact Over 4-years

Programme Type

# of learners

# of clients per programme













Short course/skills programme



Grad programme






These numbers speak volumes about the impact Skills123 has had on the lives of young individuals. The organisation has not only provided education and training but has also created tangible opportunities for permanent employment, further studies, and personal growth.

Pioneering innovative solutions

In an age where adaptability is key, Skills123 has continually evolved to meet new challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic posed unprecedented obstacles, yet Skills123 swiftly transitioned to virtual training models, ensuring that learning never stopped. Their resilience and ability to innovate during trying times have set a benchmark for other organisations.

Moreover, Skills123’s collaboration with industry leaders and educational institutions has led to the development of cutting-edge curricula and certification programmes. These partnerships have not only enhanced the quality of training but have also provided participants with valuable industry insights and connections.

Looking ahead: A bright future

As we celebrate Skills123’s fourth anniversary, it is clear that their journey is just beginning. The foundation they have built over the past four years is solid, and their vision for the future is both ambitious and inspiring. With plans to expand their reach, introduce new programmes, and continue fostering a culture of continuous learning, Skills123 is poised to make an even greater impact in the years to come.

Skills123’s four-year journey is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and community. They have not only transformed lives through skills and training but have also created a movement that champions the potential of every young individual. By aligning business needs with transformative goals, Skills123 ensures a sustainable and impactful approach to empowerment. As we look back with pride and forward with hope, one thing is certain: Skills123 is lighting the path to a brighter and more empowered future for our youth.

Here’s to four years of incredible achievements and to many more years of transforming lives. Happy anniversary, Skills123!

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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