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The Definition of Youth falls within the Black Designated Groups category. It was enacted as per the National Youth Development Agency Act No 54 of 2008, published as Gazette #31780. It defines “Youth" as persons between the ages of 14 and 35.


The preamble to the act gave the following rationale behind the Act.


“Recognising the heroic struggles of generations of the youth to bring about freedom and democracy in South Africa;


And since youth development is central in the reconstruction and development of

South Africa;


And whereas the government must take reasonable measures, within its available resources, to achieve progressive development of South Africa's youth;


And whereas the interventions on youth development in South Africa must be

implemented in a cohesive, seamless and integrated manner;


Therefore the spirit and form of the National Youth Development Agency must give

resonance to youth development in South Africa.”


The concept of Black Designated Groups is found under the Ownership as well as Enterprise & Supplier Development elements from a point scoring perspective.


B-BBEE Verification Services are available to Members in order to understand the definition of Youth.


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