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Q | In 2022, ABC Traders had an unemployed Learner enrolled in an NQF 4 Learnership. In 2023 the same Learner was enrolled in an NQF 5 Learnership. Does a continued Learnership constitute Absorption?

A | Schedule 1 of the Amended General B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice defines Absorption as: “…Measured Entity’s ability to successfully secure a long-term contract of employment for the Employee, Learner, Intern or Apprentice.”

Furthermore, “long-term contract of employment” means a legal agreement between an individual and an entity that this individual would work for until his or her mandatory date of retirement;

As the Learner was unemployed and thus did not have a long-term contract of employment before the Learnerships, the Skills Development Scorecard does not recognise Absorption.

The only exception is if a B-BBEE Sector Code of Good Practice defines Absorption differently.

Skills Development Services are available for Members with regards to the concept of Absorption.


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