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Department of Employment and Labour | 26 January 2023

It’s “open season” for scammers – Department of Employment and Labour warns public to be vigilant

The Department of Employment and Labour has noted with concern of yet another scam titled “youth employment program” promising the unemployed heaven and earth.

South Africa is currently undergoing one of its tough economic phase with unemployment at an all-time high and scammers are also taking advantage of the situation. The Department wishes to warn the public to be cautious of newly-found messiah’s who promise members of the public ‘paradise’. The Department does not have a “youth employment program”.

In the latest scam the scammers are promising to reward participants in the so-called program with obscene stipends. But, before this could happen a potential participant in the program has to pay a deposit fee at one of retailers and also furnish personal details.

The latest scam follows a number of rackets in which members of public are asked to pay to receive payouts. The scammers also fraudulently use the Employment and Labour Minister T.W Nxesi and the Department’s social media accounts to swindle the public.

The Department of Employment and Labour has a Public Employment Services (PES) branch that assists companies and workers to adjust to changing labour market conditions.

PES offers a range of FREE public employment services. These services range from registering work seekers on Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) - an online job matching platform, employment counselling, providing subsidies/schemes to non-governmental organisations that assist in the employment of Persons with Disabilities.

It is illegal in South Africa to be asked to pay for a job.

Desist from paying so-called fully REFUNDABLE FEE(S) when looking for employment. Under any circumstances if unsure what action to take go to any of the Department’s more than 125 offices or labour centres and mobile service points that are spread throughout the country for more information.3

Be alert and protect yourself. Do not part away with your hard earned cash and personal details. Do not pay for a job offer!!!

Enquiries: Teboho Thejane Cell: 082 697 0694 E-mail:

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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