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Creamer Media | 24 August 2023

BMG has donated 55 high resolution monitors to the Redtank ICT Academy - a skills development organisation, with a mission of empowering communities through the provision of technology skills.

“BMG’s passion for skills upliftment goes back many years and we are very proud to support education programmes that help learners enter the workplace with confidence and credibility,” says Darryn Wright, Group Marketing Executive, BMG. “BMG’s social responsibility programme encompasses an ongoing commitment to investing in education in order to promote the growth of technically skilled South Africans, especially those from previously disadvantaged communities.

“BMG is proud to be part of the Redtank ICT Academy’s motivating programme that equips enthusiastic learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and values for successful careers. We are very pleased to have been able to donate high resolution monitors to this worthy organisation, which will be used as much needed IT equipment to teach graphic design and many other valuable development skills.”

The Redtank ICT Academy is a registered non-profit company, that aims to assist communities to address the high unemployment rate and skills shortage especially amongst the youth in rural communities, as well as the lack of inclusion of women and people living with disabilities.

According to Sydney Mokhethi, a director of the academy, the team is passionate about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills training, as every industry now uses some form of technology to produce goods and supply services. The academy’s focus includes ICT skills transfer and qualifications of unemployed youth, promoting and creating access to technology training across the country and to provide a platform for people interested in careers in ICT.

The academy also offers life skills programmes that focus on leadership, decision making, career choices, university preparation and work readiness. Training curricula also include entrepreneurship development, to foster a future generation of motivated and successful entrepreneurs.

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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