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The Employment and Labour Minister recently announced an increase in the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to R25,42 per hour as of 1st March 2023. The increment aligns with the NMW Act of 2018. The policy framework of this Act is the floor, a level below which no employee should be paid.

The Act dictates that it is illegal and unfair labour practice for an employer to unilaterally alter an employee's working hours or other Conditions of Employment due to the wage adjustment. Notwithstanding, the NMW covers the wage payable for ordinary work hours and excludes allowance payments, such as transport, tools, food or accommodation, or payments in kind such as board and lodging, tips, bonuses, or gifts.

The Act requires that the NMW Commission reviews the prescribed rates annually, then makes recommendations to the Minister on any adjustment, taking into account alternate views like public comment.

The increment applies to Y.E.S Employees who fall under that wage bracket.

Support Services are available to direct members in implementing the amended NMW adjustment.

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