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Informal training is the means that many organisations use to drive their Skills Development mandate. Category G is Informal Training whereby the Skills Matrix references work-based informal programmes. It refers to the workplace or internal training, whereby one employee trains another.

The following evidence substantiates a claim for this category:

  • Certified copy of a South African identity document;

  • A signed EEA1 or any documentation confirming race and gender presented by the trainee;

  • A training register confirming the date, the number of hours, as well as the trainer’s and trainee’s names. All parties must sign off this evidence;

  • The payslip/s of the trainer will verify the hourly rate paid in the month training took place. Evidence may include the trainer’s IRP5 if the Measurement Period is a February year-end.

Skills Development Services are available to assist members in allocating their Skills Development spend.

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