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Section 3.7, held in Statement 400 in the Codes, allows an active Enterprise Development Beneficiary that is an EME or QSE, which is at least 51% Black Owned, to continue as a Beneficiary when their annual turnover increases to elevate them to the Large Enterprise threshold. However, it is critical to note that an organisation may not support a Large Enterprise as an Enterprise Development Beneficiary unless there was previous support for the Beneficiary when they were a QSE or EME.

Notwithstanding, such recognition for those measured on the generic scorecard is for five years only from the first instance assistance was provided. Note that such graduation would elevate them to Supplier Development status and not to that of a Supplier Development Beneficiary. The reason is that an Enterprise Development Beneficiary does not form part of an organisation’s supply chain, but a Supplier Development Beneficiary does. To qualify for the 2 Bonus Points on offer, an organisation must provide evidence that an Enterprise Development Beneficiary did not form part of its supply chain before becoming a Beneficiary.

Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) Services are available to guide members on the implementation of sustainable ESD Strategies.


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