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Raymond Mokwena | 11 November 2023

The youth will be skillful after going through the programme. NPO will impart skills to 63 unemployed youth through its Edu-Youth programme.

According to the founder of the NPO, Serge ‘Coach Banana’ Katombe, they had fewer than 300 applicants but through their selection process, comprised of interviewing applicants, they managed to take 63 applicants.

“Our facilitators interviewed the applicants from April to the end of September to assess their suitability for the programme, which is aimed at learners who have dropped out of high school,” he explained.

Katombe added that they specifically want those who have reached Grade Nine or above.

“Our relationship with those who will take part in our programme won’t end even after they graduate. We will find employment for them and help them to start their own business.

“Our facilitators who are training and imparting skills to the unemployed youth are professionals doing this because they are also concerned about the unemployment rate of the youth,” said Katombe.

“They thought that instead of sitting and complaining about the situation, they assist the youth by imparting their skills.

“What we have come to realise while structuring the programme is that we cannot fight the scourge alone. We need to form relationships with other stakeholders who are doing what we are doing so that we can win the fight together.

“The youth that are part of the programme will also get the benefit of networking and life orientation skills.”

‘Disclaimer - The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BEE CHAMBER’.


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